"Weaving strength from differences"


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Communication Highwire

Communication Highwire: Leveraging the Power of Diverse Communication Styles

Click on the logo above to order. "Beyond Valuing to LEVERAGING Diversity..." A practical book including 4 models, 37 stories, and 26 reproducible activities grounded in theory for using differences at work, in communities, or at home. Authored by Dianne Hofner Saphiere, Barbara Kappler Mikk, and Basma Ibrahim DeVries. Please CLICK HERE to order or learn more.

Shinrai: Building Trusting Relationships with Japanese Colleagues

Shinrai is a high quality audio CD and 24-page booklet that helps busy executives build lasting and fruitful business relationships in Japan, and with Japanese colleagues. The approach is a combination of cultural insights and relationship-building phrases. Learn Japanese common sense, which may be vastly different from that which you were raised. Develop comfort with several high-impact phrases in Japanese, not "standard" phrases, but phrases that truly show your sincerity and make a difference. Whether you travel to Japan on business, work via phone and email with Japanese, or live and work in Japan, this CD will improve your productivity and effectiveness in your day to day dealings. Please CLICK HERE to order or learn more.

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Redundancia: A Foreign Language Simulation

Requires 10 minutes to conduct and about 30 to debrief. Participants experience speaking a language nonfluently: how it affects one's ability to stay focused and connected with the listener, and one's feelings of competence and confidence. Participants also experience listening to second language speakers: their own tendencies to help or to become distracted. Observers note the speaker's nonverbal communication. Extremely powerful. Please CLICK HERE to order or learn more.

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Ecotonos:A Multicultural Problem-Solving Simulation

A powerful and extremely adaptable simulation, Ecotonos breaks the usual stereotypes and barriers. Participants improve their skills and strategies for making decisions and solving problems in groups with sometimes conflicting priorities. Ecotonos can be used multiple times with the same people by selecting a new problem and different variables, with each replay offering new and different cross-cultural perspectives. Eight to fifty participants form three groups and create their own "cultures". Participants begin to solve a problem in their monocultural groups, then mingle to continue problem solving in multicultural groups. The simulation and debriefing require a minimum of three hours. The debriefing includes the highly effective method of process mapping. Ecotonos comes in a colorful box with an instruction manual, metal cultural name pins, 30 sets of laminated rule cards, and three prewritten case studies. Click here to view an article on Ecotonos' use by the Royal Canadian Mounted Police. Please CLICK HERE to order or learn more.

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